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Welcome to my Photography Pages


Santo and Myndig (pictured above)

symbolize my enthusiasm for photography

and the exciting adventures one experiences

when taking and editing photos.


It's almost a form of art.


I have been interested in horses, dogs and photography since

I was a little girl. My dream is to combine them

I have been taking photos for about 10 years now. 


I'm fascinated of many equestrian disciplines,

especially dressage, both ridden and in carriage driving.

Marathon- and cone driving are also exciting to photograph.

I'm relatively new to photographing other dogs than my own

but I find it really fun and interesting! Some of my dog photos you'll find below, and in other pages and the galleries.


Feel free to browse my Galleries.

Welcome to my Photography Pages. 

Contact Me

Ann-Karin Bye-Gilde


mobile phone: +47 905 93 812

Thanks for submitting!

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